18 months old!

My little boy is a whole year and a half! I can hardly believe it. At his well check-up (April 8th) we found out that he weighs 11.2 kilos (25 lbs) and is 83 cm (33 inches) tall. As for the statistics, he’s roughly average for both his weight and height. The size of his head was a whole other story! He’s topping the charts at 57 cm for the circumference (105th percentile)! =) The doctor asked who has a large head in the family.. I joked that Claudio always says I am the one with the big head. So the doctor whipped out the measuring tape again, but this time to measure me! As it turns out, I happen to have an average sized head. For now, we’re hoping Alex just has a big brain. =)

Enough with the numbers, here are a few fun facts about Alex at this age:

*He loves to climb! Alex somehow makes everything imaginable a “step.” For example, using his toy truck as a stepping stool to the sofa.

*He tries his hardest to be independent. He always wants to feed and clothe himself without any help. This turns out interesting when he ends up with my purse wrapped around his shoulder, a jacket on his head, a pair of my heels and Claudio’s sunglasses on.

*He has a soft spot in his heart for old ladies. This is one thing that hasn’t changed since he was born. Once we were in a big cafeteria and he was constantly flirting with an old lady sitting across from us. She smiled at him, he smiled back, she blew her nose, he blew his. It was love at first sight. We had to stop by to say hello to her afterwards and then Alex acted all shy!

*He shakes his head “no” to every question I ask. Even to: “Alex, do you want a treat?”

*He gets SO excited to see daddy come home from work. He grins from ear to ear and smothers him with kisses as soon as he walks through the door. I, of course, ask for hugs and kisses throughout the day but don’t get any. =(

*His favorite fruits are clementines and bananas!

*He loves smoothies and has mastered drinking them out of a straw.

*He enjoys helping us out in any and every way possible. One night he brought me 10 pairs of Claudio’s socks while we were eating dinner and later placed them in the dirty clothes hamper.

*When Alex has something he’s not supposed to (candy, phone, etc.), he’ll keep turning his body and backing away so I can’t see what he has in his hands.

*He loves hiding things, or in his opinion, putting them in a “special place.”

*When Alex thinks he’s in “trouble” or has done something he shouldn’t have done, he hides under a carpet. I’m pretty sure he thinks that way nobody can see him.

*He acts bold and crazy at home, but when a stranger pays attention to him while we’re out, he suddenly become shy and bashful.

*At nursery school he’s known as the “little angel,” yet when he gets home he manages to destroy the house in 2 seconds flat.

*He has a girlfriend! There’s one little girl (about 4 years old) at his nursery school who gets so excited to see Alex every time I bring him in and showers him in kisses. She even gets mad when I give him a hug or kiss! =) This little girl said she wants to marry Alex as long as he stays (in her words) “small” and “cute.”


2 thoughts on “18 months old!

  1. Christine

    I love this post, Steph! My favorite part is how you captured what he does at this stage in his life! 18 months is such a terrific stage; they are becoming more and more independent and their little personalities are blooming! How precious that Alex smothers his Daddy in kisses! Mine do the same thing to Stephen and I also wonder where Mommy’s kisses are! I love that Alex shakes his head “no” even when he wants something; that is just adorable!

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