Goldau Tierpark

This past Sunday (April 3rd) we went to a natural animal park (zoo) with our friends Stina and Jakob. The zoo was about an hour from our apartment and was designed so that the animals could continue living in their natural environment. The animals found in this park are native to Switzerland, which was interesting to see what types of animals have been here naturally over time.

During the afternoon we were able to see the deer, bears, piglets, goats, mice, ducks, pelicans, rams, bison, rabbits and wolves! Some of our favorites were the piglets and baby goats. The deer were extremely friendly and they even let us feed them from the palms of our hands. Alex helped feed these sweet animals! We were also able to get up close to the goats and rabbits. Although they were in a fenced in area, we were able to go inside to feed them. Alex enjoyed petting the goats. It was a lovely afternoon to spend at the park.

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One thought on “Goldau Tierpark

  1. Patty McHugh

    Great pics, Steph! Looks like a very unique zoo! The animals look very comfortable in their natural environment! I’m sure that Alex thoroughly enjoys all of these field trips! Glad you guys take the time to enjoy natural beauty…environment, animals, bike riding, parks, etc. It is so important in life, to enjoy something, each and every day! We have so much to be thankful for! Just having good health, is a major plus!! Love you, and send my love to the three of you, and Claudio’s family!
    Love always,

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