Birthdays, Nursery School & Playdates

February and March have been jam-packed with birthdays. I am starting to think mostly everyone was born during these 2 months! Claudio’s sweet grandmother turned 87 on February 26th. Claudio’s mom and sister also had birthdays, as well as my mom and sister (who both reached milestone birthdays this year)! 🙂

Alex started a little nursery school on February 14 (yes, it was on Valentine ’s Day!). He goes twice a week (Mon. & Tues.) for the afternoon (2-6 pm). It is nice to have a little break to get things done around the house or for school and it allows Alex a chance to “socialize.” Although Alex was a bit shy at first, he has now opened up to the care-givers and other children. Just the other day I was told that Alex was the “group leader” for the discussions at the table while the kids were all eating a snack. Each child has their own animal name and Alex is the “fox.” It suits him quite perfectly since he is clever and sneaky, just like a fox. They do a really great job at this school and are very kind to the children; they go outside for walks to the park, eat healthy snacks, and play with the various toys in each of the school’s rooms.

For the remainder of the week, Alex and I go to playgroup meet-ups nearly every Wednesday. On Thursdays we usually meet a friend with her baby in the city. We love taking the little ones to a place called “Coop City,” where they have a restaurant (buffet-style) and a corner just for kids (complete with a play area and high chairs). It’s an ideal place to go because there are only a few places in the city that are well-equipped for babies. On nice sunny days we grab a bite to eat by the lake and head over to a big sand park (as seen in the picture above). By Friday, I am usually looking forward to Claudio’s mom coming over for the afternoon to watch Alex or we all do something together.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays, Nursery School & Playdates

  1. Christine

    Aww…that is so cute that Alex is called “the fox”. He is so adorable! It is so much fun when their little personalities come out!

  2. Patty McHugh

    Sounds like Alex really enjoys this preschool that he goes to! This is such a good thing for him to do…having to get along with kids his own age, and in a classroom-type setting! I am sure he is a sly little fox, that is aware of everything going on around him!!
    Love to each of you! Thanks for sharing!

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