Alex is officially a toddler!

Below are a few updates on Alex’s growth and development.

In December Alex was “furniture walking,” meaning that he could go from one piece of furniture to the next. In January, Alex began to take a few steps independently, but would revert back to crawling when he wanted to get somewhere fast. In February, Alex began walking but was still a bit wobbly and finally in March, he was full out walking on his own.

Alex can clearly say “mama” and “dada.” He tends to say “dada” more often when he gets mad about something. I don’t mind that too much. šŸ˜‰ He may still be a bit mixed up on language since Claudio speaks to him in Swiss German and I spend the day speaking English to him. However, he definitely makes his point across to us by clearly pointing to what he wants and grunting.

This is one of Alex’s favorite things. He waves when he first sees a person and when they leave, as well as several times in between. haha He loves to wave at strangers and also demands to see a wave in response. If the person doesn’t notice him, Alex will stare until he gets the person’s attention.

Alex despises baby food and will now only eat our regular table food. It is convenient in the sense that I don’t have to make him something extra. We cut up his food into bite-size pieces and he devours a meal in a matter of minutes (most of the time he tries to feed himself, but more ends up in the bib than in his mouth). He is beginning to eat us out of house and home. šŸ™‚

Alex adores cleaning! He gets so excited when the vacuum makes its weekly debut from the closet. He walks quickly over to it while shouting at the top of his lungs. He then proceeds to push the vacuum along to “help” me clean. Alex also loves getting the brooms and dust pans out of the closet to do some in-between cleanings. The broom is at least twice the height of him, but he doesn’t let that slow him down.

Alex tries to swim laps in the bath tub. He also thinks it’s funny when he makes a wave over the side of the bath tub. In his opinion, the more water that ends up outside of the tub, the better. We recently took him to an indoor pool and he loved every second of it, he just wanted more independence from us.

Alex now has a total of 6 teeth (2 up top and 4 on the bottom). He seems to be getting 2 teeth at a time, first the top teeth, then the bottom ones; with each set coming in with a 1-2 month gap inbetween.

Favorite Things:
-Being outside and getting his hands into everything (sand, gravel, dirt)
-Dancing (he loves to turn on the radio and break it down!)
-Anything with wheels. He’s really into bikes (as seen in the picture above – that bike wasn’t even ours). Whenever we’re in the park and he sees another child with a bike, he insists on going for a round on their bike!
-Phones; it doesn’t matter whether they are play phones or the real phone; he loves them all. He gets so excited to hear our home phone ring, and oftentimes picks up before I do! He has also made his fair share of “prank calls.” haha
-Tissues. Alex would bring me tissues all day long if it was up to him. He grabs a tissue, then holds it up to my nose and waits until I blow it. When someone sneezes, he automatically starts searching for a tissue to give them.


2 thoughts on “Alex is officially a toddler!

  1. Patty McHugh

    Thank you for all of these updates, Steph! We do not get on the computer, or even the phone, enough! I know we are both busy! Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted, though, because when I do talk to you, I forget asking about all of these things!!
    So here is the famous tricycle that Alex will be receiving for Easter! He will be soooo thrilled!! Glad you were able to find one for him!
    Love you, guys! Thanks, again for all of this info.!!

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