Home for the Holidays!

We were in the U.S. from December 14 – 31 (Yes, we were crazy enough to fly on New Year’s!). Alex did a great job finding things to do on the flight; he entertained himself by pulling the armrests up and down about 839 times, pressing the “call flight attendant” button, assembling and disassembling the tray table, eating a wide assortment of tasty snacks, and sprawling out like a king to rest for a whopping 5 minutes at a time.

During our 2.5 week stay, we had such a great time visiting with so many of my wonderful relatives and friends. We were so happy to be able to squeeze in as many visits as possible in the short time we were there. We also did quite a bit of shopping and visited some of our favorite cities, such as Annapolis. Christmas was great. We split the day between my cousin Fran and Dave’s house and Granddad’s. Alex received many great toys and clothes. He was so exhausted by the time we finished unwrapping the last present, that he had already fallen asleep on me. The day after Christmas we went down to Stafford to visit with friends in the area and with my sister who was coming up the same day. It’s always amazing to see how much the kids have grown in the time we’ve been apart. Olivia, who is now 9 months was all over Alex. She would grab Alex by the hood of his sweatshirt to get his attention. They were adorable playing together! We enjoyed shopping in Central Park with them and going out to eat. We also met up with a couple of my friends from high school and college while we were in the area. It was great to see them and for them to see Alex.

Thanks to everyone who made our stay so enjoyable, we really appreciate it more than words can express! We love you all and are looking forward to our next visit.. or in the meantime, come visit us!

Enjoy the pictures below! =)


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