Day trip to the town of Einsiedeln

We went with our friends Stina, Jakob and their sweet little one, Serafina to a little town called Einsiedeln on December 4th for a Christmas market. Einsiedeln, which is about a 45 minute drive from Zurich, is known for it’s Baroque monastery church, which is home to the original Black Madonna statue. It was a gorgeous sight to see with the pastel-colored statues and artwork adorning the inside and ceiling of the church, as well as the golden alter. After spending time in the church we headed back outside to the Christmas market. Vendors outlined both sides of an entire street selling their Christmas items. Many vendors were selling hot chocolate and socks to help the visitors stay warm. Horse-drawn carriages paraded down the streets, along with strands of Christmas lights strewn across the streets. At the end, a small yet brightly colored carousel stood. We took Alex and Serafina on for a ride. It was neat to be at an outside market, but it was bitter cold at -6 degrees Celsius (21 degrees F). We were happy to be back in the warmth of the car once the day was over and after a while, we could even begin to feel our toes again. It was a great day!

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