The Good, The Funny & The Just Plain Disgusting

Lets break it down:

The Good
-“Please” and “Thank you”: Alex can place an item (such as one of his toys) in my hand. He then giggles when he hears me say “thank you.” Then, he takes the item away again and will place it in my other hand when I say “please?.” Sometimes he wants to “tease” by acting like he’ll place the item in my hand, but he never actually lets go of it.
-Clapping: When he thinks something is exciting, or when he sees someone else clap their hands, he will gladly chime in.
-Blowing on food to cool it down: Alex has mastered this! I think he has seen me blow on his food one too many times that he would rather do it himself (Mr. Independent?). He just hasn’t learned yet what types of food actually need to be cooled down. He blows on yogurt, crackers, applesauce and more.
-Brushing his hair: When handed a brush, Alex knows that it’s for his hair, and he glides it gently through his golden locks.
-Helping: Alex likes to “help out” around the house by assisting me in unstacking the dishwasher, pushing along the vacuum cleaner and cleaning out the refrigerator for me.

The Funny
-Toilet Paper and Tissues: If Alex could, he would spend the whole day unraveling rolls of toilet paper and pulling tissues out of the box. We have to always make sure no tissues or toilet paper are in his sight or within his reach!
-Keys and Front Door: When Alex sees my keys hanging down from the front door’s lock, he climbs up the door and tries to grab my keys. It is so funny to watch him climb the door vertically when there’s nothing really to grasp. I always say to him “Alex, you can’t leave without saying goodbye!”
-Crawling Army Style: Alex hardly ever crawls like a normal baby and instead uses an army-style technique of slithering across the floor like a snake. He uses a combination of his right arm and left leg.
-Table Food: Alex will beg and beg and beg until I give him some food from my plate. He will point to exactly what he wants on the plate and will continue to mash his little finger into whatever it is unless I give in and let him have it.
-Imitating: He loves to imitate facial expressions and gestures. Alex recently learned how to imitate the way I talk on the phone – by holding the phone up to his ear and covering his other ear with his hand. I do this because normally I can’t hear the person on the phone since Alex is loud in the background. haha

The Just Plain Disgusting
-Playing with the toilet: Oh it’s just too gross! Anytime we leave the bathroom door open (accidentally of course), he will find his way in and lift the lid to put his hand in the toilet.
-Pooping in the bathtub: Sometimes I think Alex waits until he gets a bath to go poop. It’s nasty and we have to get him out of the tub as soon as we see something floating around, or he will try to play with it.
-Bad breath: Alex wakes up in the morning and after naps with a really bad case of tuna breath.


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