1st Birthday

Alex is officially a year old! πŸ™‚ It’s so hard to believe a whole year has already gone by since he was born! It happened in a blink of an eye. In one year he has learned to smile, crawl, stand, growl like a tiger, furniture walk and most recently, clap his hands! Alex is definitely no longer a little baby; he is now a toddler that makes our lives so enjoyable and complete!

His birthday, from start to finish:
Alex was so cute when he woke up the morning of his birthday. He was standing up in his crib when I opened the door and gave me a huge smile as soon as I walked in. It seemed as though he already knew that it was a special day! We ate breakfast together and afterwards we decorated the apartment for his birthday (well, I tried to decorate and he tore everything down I put up..). haha Claudio took the afternoon off from work and so we headed over to the mall when he got home to let Alex pick out a few presents. At the mall, we went up to the cafeteria to grab some lunch and to let Alex play in a little play house. Alex had a great time and a few hours later we headed back to our apartment. That night, Alex ate his first cupcake. I made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate fondant icing. Alex was in Heaven while eating it! He opened up presents, we took a bunch of pictures and then called it a night. His favorite present seemed to be a multi-colored xylophone. He has even learned to play a few notes on it. πŸ™‚

Alex will celebrate his birthday again with friends at his party on November 14th.

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