11 months old


Alex has been doing really well on his feet for a few weeks now. He can pull himself up to a standing position from basically anywhere and can stand up for a few minutes. He even has enough courage to move from one piece of furniture to the next. In the bath tub, he tries his best to be standing 100% of the time. He refuses to sit down, but doesn’t understand why the tub is so slippery.

When it comes to eating, he has become more picky about food he likes and dislikes. For the past month or so we have been better about pureeing food for him with the left-overs from our meals, and it’s either hit or miss; he either loves it or despises it. He lets us know by the look on his face, and if he really doesn’t like a meal, he’ll keep turning his head away from the spoon. When he sees one tiny spill on the tray of his high chair, he finds much satisfaction in smearing it all over the tray, as well as over his entire face and body. Needless to say, meal-time is by far the messiest time.

Alex calls everything a “dee dee.” He also loves to make tiger noises. We went to a gymboree class, that was full of 10 little girls and Alex was the only boy. He greeted everyone with a nice loud “rawr.” It made the whole class laugh.

Alex discovered that he has an index finger and loves to point at everything he sees. He especially loves to touch his index finger against ours. It is really funny when he concentrates so hard on touching our finger right at the tip of it. He also loves the washing machine. He enjoys sitting in front of it and watching the soap turn.

When we rock Alex to sleep in his room at night or for a nap, he sings a little song to himself. We know he’s finally asleep when the song is over. It’s really cute.

After Alex wakes up in the morning, he is usually standing up in his crib when we come in to get him. The first time he did that it really surprised me to see his head peeking out over the crib rail.

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What we’ve been up to lately:

The past few weeks have been pretty busy. I’ve taken Alex to a few different parks in and around Zurich to meet up with other moms and babies. We also went to Gymboree for the first time, which Alex absolutely loved. If only it wasn’t so expensive! One day it was raining really hard and I knew Alex wanted to get out of the apartment as much as I did, so we went to a nearby mall and Alex had a blast in the play area. The kids (who were all older than him) just loved Alex and followed him around the play area like he was the boss. 🙂 Two weeks ago we attended a little festival in Zurich where they had a bunch of little kid rides, balloons, cotton candy and a carousel. Alex enjoyed all of it. And finally last weekend we had a professional photo shoot session around Lake Zurich. Hopefully we will get to take a look at the processed pictures soon.

We’ve been working out the details for Alex’s first birthday party. Can you believe he’s almost 1!? We’re planning on having just a little get-together at our apartment with Alex’s baby-friends and their parents. We’ve also been looking at the dates for a flight to come home in December. We’re really looking forward to the visit and spending Christmas in the U.S.! We will let everyone know the exact dates once we book the flight.


One thought on “11 months old

  1. Grandma Q/ Mom

    Thanks for so many detailed updates!! You are great at consolidating, and explaining the events and happenings of everyday life! Thank you for sharing these with all of us! I hope you realize how much it means for you to take the time to show us such a vast display of pictures, also!! You make it possible for us to understand, and try to be a part of your lives, even with a great distance between us! One day, we will be living in the same country, again. Thank you for helping us through these times, when we are away from one another. It is hard not to see, in person, what is going on in the life of one of our grandsons, especially since he is changing so drastically, each and every day!! We will be able to see Alex in action, soon, though! Thank you for making it possible to spend Christmas with the 3 of you! This will be a wonderful Christmas present for EVERYONE…THANK YOU!!
    Love always,
    Grandma Q/ Mom

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