10 months old

I would have never guessed that a 10-month-old could have such a big personality at quite a young age. Alex is constantly giving us a new reason to laugh and his personality is shining through more and more each day. Just take a good look at that picture above, and it speaks for itself. Alex began this pose recently, and I call it the “old man reading the Sunday newspaper while having a coffee” pose.

New Updates:
Alex recently has learned how to go from a lying down position, to sitting up and can also pull himself up so that he is in a kneeling position. On September 5th, he even pulled himself up on a chair to a standing position for a few seconds before falling back down on his bottom. When we hold Alex by his arms with his feet on the ground in a standing position, he has a bit of trouble balancing his weight. Could it really be because of his big tummy, like Claudio suggests? Or possibly, it’s because he wishes to be a ballerina by standing on his chunky little toes.

Since Alex is 10 months old, here are 10 fun facts about him:
1. His favorite place to be is outside; whether he is going for a stroller ride, swinging in the park, or sitting on the ground pulling out grass, he just loves to be outdoors.
2. He grows at the speed of light and can already fit into 18 month clothes!!
3. He loves to plant wet slobbery kisses on our cheeks.
4. He will smile at strangers, making them want to hold him and once they do, he bursts into tears and can’t fathom why they ever picked him up.
5. He loves all of our kitchen utensils; spatulas, ladles, wisks, etc. Sometimes the only way to keep him entertained while I’m making dinner is to hand him a kitchen tool. Either he’s going to be a world-famous chef one day, or just an awesome cook for some lucky girl. lol
6. His new favorite snacks are little round-shaped butter crackers. We seriously can’t leave home without them.
7. He can’t stand it when I drink out of a glass and don’t share the contents with him. He will protest until I give in and let him have a sip. He has also learned how to sip through a straw.
8. The bath tub is full of never-ending adventures for Alex. He is quite a water baby and loves to try to swim. He also loves playing with his new beach toys in the tub.
9. Sneezing is hilarious to him. It doesn’t matter if he himself is sneezing, or a complete stranger, he will laugh hysterically when he hears a sneeze.
10. He loves other babies. When we are out and he spots a stroller, he will lock eyes with the other baby and give the biggest, sweetest smile. Which leads to the conclusion that many people come to, he is such a little charmer. He also loves to see pictures of babies. When I point out a picture on his diaper package or cereal box with a baby on it, he gives a huge smile.

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His current nicknames:
-Little Stinker
-Sweet Baby
-Alejandro: his name in Spanish
-Tuna Can Face: This nickname is so silly. It comes from when Alex first wakes up in the morning or after he takes a nap, Claudio thinks that Alex’s face looks all scrunched up like tuna in a can.


2 thoughts on “10 months old

  1. Grandma Q/ Mom

    Once, again, you did a FANTASTIC JOB, Steph, with all of these pictures and updates of Alex!! Thank you for taking the time to share your little cutie pie with all of us!! We appreciate your efforts, more than you could ever know!! Looking forward to your December visit!!
    Love always,

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