Island in the Sun

Early in the morning on Thursday, August 19th, we left on a 3 hour plane ride to Crete, Greece. We spent 10 days on this gorgeous island soaking up the sun and seeing what Greece had to offer. This was my first time in the Mediterranean Sea, and I loved how warm it was, compared to the Atlantic Ocean. The sea was a beautiful light turquoise color and the sand was a bit coarse. Many small stones outlined the shore and as we walked out into the sea there were many large stones.

It took Alex a few days to get adjusted to the water and to the sand at the beach. The first few times we took him by the water, he would cling to either me or Claudio as if we were going to feed him to a shark. But after he warmed up to his new surroundings, he really started to enjoy it. He also seemed to get tired really fast. We would be down at the beach for only about 10-15 minutes and he would already start yawning. Claudio and I would always joke about how long it would take until Alex needed another nap.

The hotel we stayed at had a really nice main restaurant with a different theme for dinner each day of the week. The meals were buffet-style and there was always quite a variety of different foods. One of our favorite themes was Asian night, where they had some delicious food like chicken fried rice, steamed vegetables, curry chicken, egg rolls and soup.

Alex quickly made friends with literally everyone (the maids at the hotel, little kids at the pool, servers at the restaurant, other guests, etc. etc.). It was funny to see how kids would be so drawn to Alex that they just had to come by to say hello. One little boy, who was about 1 and a half came over to our table during breakfast one morning and didn’t want to leave. His mom had to drag him away from our table when it was time for them to go.

Each night there was some form of live entertainment on the pool deck. Two nights while we were there they had Greek dancers dressed in costumes doing their traditional dance, and the other nights they had singers. One of our favorite nights was when a girl was singing Celine Dion songs. She had an absolutely incredible voice and she could have easily been mistaken for Celine.

We loved Greece and would definitely go back again! The people were very friendly and the sunsets were breath-taking! We enjoyed delicious meals and had a great time on the beach. It was a really nice first family beach vacation.

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One thought on “Island in the Sun

  1. Patty McHugh

    Wonderful pictures of each of you, Steph, Claudio and Alex!! Greece looks BEAUTIFUL!! Glad you had a chance to go to the beach with Alex, for the first time!! It looked like you stayed in a wonderful place! The weather looked like it was just right for spending a lot of time in the sun and water!! Thanks for sharing these with all of us!! The first picture of the sun setting is absolutely gorgeous!
    Love and miss each of you, more than words can say!!
    Love always,
    Mom & Grandma

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