Milan, Italy

On Saturday, July 24 we went to Milan, Italy for a 3 day weekend. It took about 4 hours by car to get there from our apartment in Switzerland, plus a little extra longer for a bathroom break. 🙂 On the first day, we were able to see the beautiful cathedral called the Duomo. It was absolutely gorgeous and we stood in awe over the amazing architecture. We walked through the Galleria, which is right beside the Duomo and is full of many different shops and restaurants. My favorite part was the ceiling, which had a really unique design. When we left the Galleria, we put the maps aside and decided to just explore. We ended up walking to the Colonne di San Lorenzo, which are the remaining pieces (colums and brick walls) of a Roman church and theater. We also walked by the Naviligi canals, which were really nice to see while the sun was setting. We grabbed dinner and called it a night. The next day, we saw a castle called “Castello Sforzesco.” We walked through a park and saw an Italian puppet show going on. We weren’t sure what they were saying, but Alex thought it was funny. We also saw people playing basketball and a little further down the path we saw people playing the drums. After leaving the park, we walked to the Arco della pace, which is a huge arc with horse statues on the top. We visited the Duomo one last time to take more pictures and had authentic Italian pizza for dinner. We stayed at a really cute hotel called Hotel Metro and they had the best breakfast in the morning with a ton of fresh fruit and pasteries. We also had some delicious cappuccinos. On Monday we began our journey back to Switzerland, and stopped for the afternoon in Como, Italy. My next post will have details about Como.

Best parts of Milan (other than the tourist spots):
-Gelato: Italian ice cream is the best.
-Coconut Slices: At the little stands where you can buy snacks, each one had little coconut slices that you could buy with water dripping down through a fondue fountain, which I thought was really cute.
-Friendliness: Everyone (more or less) was really friendly towards us and especially to Alex. As soon as we got on the metro, people would get up right away to let us sit down. They really love children and they call babies “bambinos,” which is adorable. Also, when we went to eat dinner at a restaurant called “Marghera 37” the manager came over to give us some funny life lessons through his experiences of raising children.
-English: It seemed as though almost everyone spoke English and that was a great surprise!
-Prices: Although we were in an expensive city, the prices were still good since the form of currency is in euros.

**I know this is a really long post, and for some reason the arrows to go back and forth between posts is at the very bottom below all of the pictures.


4 thoughts on “Milan, Italy

  1. Patty McHugh

    Great pictures, Steph!! Thanks for taking the time to share them, and all of the details of your trip, with all of us!!
    Love always,

  2. Kim

    Authentic Italian pizza is very different from the pizza in America isn’t it Steph? Were you surprised at the difference. Steve and I were, but loved the italian pizza. In Rome, we would go to this small vendor, that had many different varieties. My favorite was pizza with potato as a topping. We ate there at least once a day. We found Rome to be very friendly also. I felt the language was easier to pick up then French. Wow! I would have loved to have the experiences you are having at your age. Have fun and learn lots.

    1. Yes! Authentic Italian pizza is the best! It’s definitely not comparable to dominos, to say the least. lol My favorite is the classic Margarita pizza. I guess I’m not too daring with different toppings! 🙂

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