Konstanz, Germany

On Saturday July 17 we took a day trip to Konstanz, Germany. By train it took 1 hour from our apartment to get there. When we arrived, we saw a dog-training session going on and then made our way over to the lake of Konstanz where there was a large festival taking place. As we got closer to the lake there were a group of Indians playing music and singing. It drizzled a little, but overall the weather held up quite nicely for the large clouds in the sky. From the lake, we walked through the city to see quite a few impressive buildings and gorgeous apartments, we climbed the tower of the Konstanz Munster Catholic Church and we also did some shopping in a really large mall (the prices in Germany are much lower than in Switzerland). It was a great day and we look forward to discovering other parts of Germany. 🙂

In case you’re wondering after looking through the pictures, Alex had impetigo on his little nose. It looks pretty bad in the pictures, but thankfully it healed up 2 days later after a little visit to the doctor.


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