Alex’s Baptism

Alex was baptized on Mother’s Day, May 9th, at St. Anton Catholic Church (an English-speaking mission) here in Zurich. (More info on the church can be found at this website: had a baptism mass, instead of just the ceremony alone. Claudio’s parents, sister and grandma attended. A really sweet couple from back home, Terek and Giovanna, are Alex’s God parents. I grew up with their daughter, Melissa and they have always taken on a very active role in our church. Terek and Giovanna are Eucharistic ministers, lectors and they also help clean up after the mass.I hope Alex can follow their wonderful example of a faith-driven life.

During the mass, we had Claudio’s mom and sister stand in for the God parents. The church was still decorated for Easter, with beautiful white easter lilies on the alter. There was another baby being baptized and his name was Noah. He looked about a month younger than Alex. It was so sweet during the baptism Noah and Alex kept looking at each other and smiling. Alex did great when the priest, Father John, poured the holy water over his head and not a single cry came from him during the entire mass. We were so proud of our little boy! Father John gave a homily speaking of how very sad things have taken place in the Catholic church, both recently and in the past. He continued to say that when there are the sacraments of baptism, first holy communion and marriage, these give renewed hope that people still have faith. He also talked about how we as Catholics believe in God and the goodness He provides us, and not the bad things of this world. I thought it was a wonderful homily.

After the baptism, Claudio’s parents organized a party for Alex at their house. Claudio’s dad cooked a delicious meal of chicken, potatoes, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes on the grill. Claudio’s mom made a beautiful chocolate cake for Alex, that had his initials on it (A.L.M.).

Alex received many special gifts for his baptism which included: cards, a rosary and necklace blessed by the Pope, a keepsake box, holy water and a little vessel to keep the holy water in. Claudio’s mom went to Rome a week ago and brought back the items that were blessed by the Pope. Claudio’s mom stood in for the “God-father” part of the baptism. Afterwards she said to me, “I have been a lot of things in life, but you know I have never been the God father before.” 🙂

We truly wish that everyone could have been there to celebrate Alex’s baptism, but we kept each of you in our hearts during this great day!

Here are pictures of the day, beginning with a sleepy little boy just an hour before we had to leave:


4 thoughts on “Alex’s Baptism

  1. Patty McHugh

    You did a wonderful job explaining all of the details of Alex’s Baptismal Day, Steph. The pictures show a nice display of all of the events of this special day. Thank you for taking the time to share all of this, with us. We love and miss each of you. Wish we could have been a part of this special event. Love, Mom and Dad

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