3 months old

Alex started making really cute little giggling noises during the middle of January, but on January 30th he let out the biggest belly laugh. His laugh was so cute and it came out of nowhere. Recently, Alex has started to enjoy hearing himself “talk” which sounds more like a really loud shriek. He thinks it’s really funny to hear his own voice, and the louder the noise he makes, the more he likes it! Alex can also hold his neck up very steady now. He loves his “tummy time” so that he can look at all his toys. He has even started to grab at some of his toys. When we place a rattle in his hand, he can hold onto it and loves to hear the noises it makes.

Alex also loves his new Johnny Jump Up! He hasn’t quite figured out how to  jump up and down, but he loves the freedom to see his surroundings. Alex is starting to get on a routine when it comes to night time. He gets a bubble bath, we read a story together and then he sleeps in his crib for normally around 7 hours. We are so excited about the progress he’s making!


3 thoughts on “3 months old

  1. Mom - Patty M.

    GREAT JOB, STEPH!! So many details!! What a cutie pie that you get to enjoy every day!! Glad I received your text message, regarding these updates to your blog!! Great pics, and enjoyed the information you gave about Mr. Alex!! Looking forward to your return visit!!
    Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Alex is *so* adorable. The picture of Alex sleeping is so precious. How wonderful that he loves belly time; my little ones were always a little fussy about that. 😉 Ahh….babies are such a joy!

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