We arrived in Switzerland!

We finally made it to Switzerland. Alex was great on the flight and slept most of the time (for about 7 of the 8 hours). The flight attendants were a big help with getting the carry-on bags, car seat and stroller on and off the plane! Claudio’s smiling face was at the airport as soon as we arrived; which was a little before 8 AM.

Claudio’s parents, sister and grandma were very excited to meet Alex after we arrived. They had waited a long time to see Alex!

For my birthday Claudio’s parents came over and Claudio’s mom made me a cake, which was really nice. Other than that, we have been trying to settle in to our new apartment. We’ve also been spending a lot of time in IKEA finding new furniture. We’ll post pictures of the apartment soon; we’re still trying to get everything organized! 🙂 The weather here is very cold and tt has snowed pretty much every day since we arrived!


8 thoughts on “We arrived in Switzerland!

  1. Mom - Patty M.

    Great pictures, Steph! Thanks for sharing everything with us! Glad everyone is enjoying their time with Alex. WE LOVE AND MISS ALL OF YOU, MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY!! Talk to you, tomorrow!!

    1. Stephanie

      Oh my goodness we are such a big fan of IKEA. Pretty much all of the furniture we have in the apartment is from there. Love you!

  2. Tiffany Beck

    Awww Steph, I just discovered your Blog!! I love it 🙂 All of the pictures are so exciting and it’s great to finally see some new ones! Alex is such a happy, adorable little boy.

    p.s. people drive on the wrong side of the road over there 😉

    1. Stephanie

      Thanks Tiffany, you’re so sweet! People drive on the same side of the road, the roads just look different over here from the way people park. 🙂

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